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Your Health Food Store In Denmark
Start writing to see the products you are looking for.

10 Reasons To Shop At Helsemin

Huge selection of health products

With thousands of products - cosmetics, supplements, vitamins, skin care, food, wellness, household items and much more - you can find everything you need to live a healthier life with all-natural products.

2. Cheap Delivery

Delivery price from only DKK 35. Free for purchases over DKK 500

3. Fast delivery

We usually deliver within 3 business days.

Top customer service

We love getting calls and emails from you! We are here in  the shops , when you need us every day from kl. 9-19, 365 days a year. We take great pride in providing you with the best service imaginable. You can contact us for free on 80 60 18 00 between 9-15 or send us an email via  the contact form  with questions, rice or praise.

5. Competitive prices

Our goal and greatest ambition is that everyone should be able to afford to live a healthy and natural life with the best health products. We work hard to ensure that we always offer you competitive prices on all our products.

6. Always lots of promotions, offers & events

You can always make a good deal with us! We constantly have new promotions and offers, and often you also have the opportunity to participate in competitions where you can win lots of prizes.

7. Shopping from the couch

8. It's easy to be healthy

Tired of queuing at the checkout, hauling heavy goods home and navigating out of busy parking lots? We are always open and you are always at the front of the queue.

Whether you want organic, gluten-free, fair trade or raw food products, we make it easy to find exactly the health products with the criteria that are important to you.

9. Latest trends in health!

We can make no secret of the fact that we are some real health hunters. We are always looking for new exciting products that can contribute to your health and well-being. And we make a great virtue out of being up to date with the latest products on the market. In order for you to also stay up to date with the latest healthy trends, we have dedicated an entire section of our website to all new products.

10. Find inspiration on all Helsemin's platforms 

In addition to the webshop, you can also find lots of inspiration and delicious reading  FacebookInstragram  or on our blog.

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