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The Natural Standard

Our Natural Standard

Before we sell a product on, we review the ingredients and materials that have been specified by the supplier of the product to ensure that it meets our natural standard.

We check that the product's materials and ingredients are organic, natural or made from the most sustainable materials. Products that otherwise contribute to a healthy home because they are energy-saving, made from recycled materials, etc., are also qualified for Helsemin.


Products Sold In Helsemin fall into at least one of the following categories

Sustainable materials

For products that we categorize as sustainable, at least 50% of the materials are either easy to recycle, responsibly harvested or no new raw materials are required in their manufacture. Examples of these products include bamboo, cork, wool, soy, hemp, organic cotton, corn-based plastics, sustainably harvested wood or recycled materials.

Natural ingredients

Naturally labeled foods and supplements mean that the product is primarily made from natural ingredients with minimal processing. Natural means content of natural ingredients, which are extracted directly from plants or animal products, as opposed to being made synthetically.

Naturally labeled personal care, skin care, cosmetics, baby products and cleaning products mean that these products are primarily made from plant-based, pure essential oils, gentle preservatives and non-oily ingredients.



Organic food is either labeled with the Danish organic label, Debio, EKO, the EU Organic label, Krav, Soil Association or USDA Organic. This means that all foods consist of at least 95% organic ingredients or materials. In addition, the products are made without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs or radiation.

Organic skin care and cosmetics are either labeled with Ecocert, NaTrue, Soil Association or USDA Organic. This means that the products are made without synthetic perfumes and dyes, nanoparticles or parabens. The exact content of organic ingredients depends on the type of product and the certificate that the product has.


Recyclable products mean that the packaging on the product can be recycled and must be handed in at your nearest recycling station. Recyclable packaging reduces waste by promoting recycling. Products marked as recyclable have the most environmentally friendly packaging and protect nature from pollution.



Designed to remove toxins

These products are specifically designed to purify air or water. They contribute to a healthier home by removing toxins from the air or water.

Natural knowledge

It is important to keep the brain sharp, and not just with supplements or vitamins. That is why we offer products such as books, magazines and magazines, which give you the latest knowledge or inspiration for health in areas such as natural care, nutrition, health, dietary supplements and vitamins.


Accessories for the natural lifestyle

We always strive to provide the most natural products that we can interact with in our daily lives. In some cases, completely natural alternatives do not yet exist, and therefore some of our products in this category will consist of materials that do not fall under our natural standard above.

Examples of products that support the natural lifestyle include massage balls, fakir mats, incense, scented candles, cosmetic accessories, nail clippers, nail files, etc.

We know that naturalness can mean vastly different things to different people. Therefore, you will find further information about the products on our product pages, so you can easily find the products that exactly match your requirements for naturalness. We will regularly update this natural standard as new discoveries are constantly being made and new certifications are being developed. You can read more about the many natural concepts you encounter here at Helsemin:  see our green glossary

We are excited about the sustainable steps we have already taken. We know there is more to do and we know we do not have all the solutions ourselves. We love getting feedback, then  contact us, and let us know what you think.

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