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New Nordic, Blue Berry ...

Member price DKK 546,75
729,00 SEK
Item descriptionBlue Berry Plus Eye Vitamin is a blueberry tablet with a special combination containing extracts of eye comfort and roof flower as well as vitamin A and zinc. Tagetes extract is produced by a special process, ...

New Nordic, Hair Volum ...

Member price DKK 434,25
579,00 SEK
Item descriptionHair, nails and skin Hair Volume ™ is a tablet of apple extract in combination with millet, horseradish, amino acids, biotin, zinc and copper. The tablet adds nutrients to the scalp and hair follicle (the "root" of the hair), ...

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New Nordic, Magnesium ...

Member price DKK 299,25
399,00 SEK
Magnesium malate, vitamins D, B6 and B12. Combined with French maritime pine bark and black and long pepper. Herbal extract supports absorbability. Magnesium contributes to a normal muscle function, to the normal function of the nervous system and ...
  • Minerals
  • vitamins

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NutriPharma, MAGNESIUM - 60 ch.

NutriPharma, MAGNESIUM ...

Member price DKK 81,75
109,00 SEK
60 capsules Short description: NutriPharma Magnesium contains 250 mg of magnesium based on three highly absorbable sources of magnesium in one vegetable capsule, making the product suitable for vegans. About the product: NutriPharma ...

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Nutripharma Zinc 120

Nutripharma Mega Zinc ...

Member price DKK 74,25
99,00 SEK
Zinc and vitamin C contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system as well as skin, hair and nails. Nutripharma's Mega Zinc is a combination of 20mg of easily absorbed Zinc and 40mg of Vitamin C 1 capsules containing: ...

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Nutripharma Calcium-magnesium 90 caps

NutriPharma Calcium-Ma ...

Member price DKK 126,75
169,00 SEK
In addition to calcium and magnesium, NutriPharma Calcium and Magnesium contain vitamin K2 and D3, which contribute to optimal maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Calcium and magnesium occur in forms, ...
Evolve - Handmade Skin Care
  • Face masks
  • Serum
  • In the bath

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Evolve renew facial cream

Evolve Daily Renew Fac ...

Member price DKK 209,25
279,00 SEK
This moisturizer restores the natural balance of normal to dry skin with a blend of pure, organic oils. Organic argan oil nourishes, while natural hyaluronic acid soothes and moisturizes. Delicately fragrant ...

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Evovle Bio retinol gold mask

Evolve Bio-Retinol Gol ...

Member price DKK 209,25
279,00 SEK
Go for the gold! In addition to just looking exotic, Evolve's golden face mask is designed to deliver a wide range of benefits to your skin. Evolve's bio-retinol face mask contains ...

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Evovle radiant glow mask 60 ml

Evolve Radiant Glow Ma ...

Member price DKK 186,75
249,00 SEK
This rich mask mixed with raw cocoa powder and clay revitalizes and cleanses, while coconut granules exfoliate the skin to silky perfection. Natural sugar extracts convert the exfoliating mask into ...
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