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Terms and Conditions


Here you can read the terms and conditions for Helsemin Club.

    Membership of Helsemin Club There are two types of memberships in the Helsemin Club that you can choose from:

  1. Care Basic, which is free and which you become a member of when you download the app to your phone.
  2. Care Plus costs DKK 49 annually. You can become a Care Plus member once you have downloaded the app and upgraded to the nearest Helsemin store.

You must have a mobile number and an e-mail address, as well as be 18 years of age, to become a member of Helsemin Club. Membership is personal and may not be shared or lent to third parties.

    Benefits, bonus kroner and discount scheme When you join the Helsemin Club, you earn bonus money when you shop in the Helsemin chain physical shops.

    There are many benefits to be gained from:

  • You always have your membership card at hand and never miss a discount (in the physical shops).
  • You can keep track of all your purchases and earned bonus dollars.
  • You always have your receipts at hand.
  • You get discount completely without doing anything (in the physical shops).
  • Everything is gathered in one place.
  Care Basic
  • Earning bonus kroner corresponding to a 2% discount on all purchases in Helsemins physical shops.
  • As Care basic, you do not earn stamps.
  • Pay or save your bonus money (in the physical shops).
  • See your receipts.
  • Newsletter with offers and news.
  • Everything in one place - you always have your membership card at hand and never miss your discount.
  • Birthday present.
  • Free membership
  • Earning bonus kroner corresponding to a 5% discount on purchases in Helsemins physical shops.
    • Bonus crowns are not earned on products where stamps are earned.
  • Get a discount on selected products with stamp cards (Bonus crowns are not earned on these brands).
  • Attractive weekly club offers, as well as exclusive promotions in Helsemins physical shops.
  • Access to regular Plus membership offers.
  • Free biopath vitamin test 3 times a year in selected Helsemin stores (worth DKK 447) See more under point 3.
  • Pay or save your bonus money (in the physical shops).
  • See your receipts.
  • Newsletter with offers and news.
  • Everything in one place - you always have your membership card at hand and never miss your discount.
  • Birthday present.

Membership: Price DKK 49 annually

     How do you become a Care Basic member? Registration can be done by downloading the app, by contacting a Helsemin store or via webshop. By registering and filling out the form, you accept the Helsemin Club's terms and conditions.

    How do you become a Care Plus member? Registration can be done by downloading the app, by contacting a Helsemin store or via purchase at webshopBy registering and filling out the form, you accept the Helsemin Club's terms and conditions.

     Helsemin Club membership card Your membership card is in the Helsemin Club We Care app. To get all the benefits, simply provide your phone number when shopping.

      Treatments As a Care Plus customer, you have the opportunity to take advantage of 3 free biopat tests a year. A biopath vitamin and mineral test lasts 15 minutes and tests for imbalances in the body. These have a value of DKK 447. The three stamps on the stamp card in the app are personal and may not be used by third parties. You can book an appointment for your vitamin and mineral test at your nearest Helsemin store. Some stores do not offer treatments. Cancellations must be made no later than 12 noon the day before. In case of absence, 50 bonus kroner will be deducted from your account in the app, as well as a biopath clip. Care Plus members can buy extra Biopat vitamin and mineral tests, after 3 free for DKK 89. Care Plus members can buy a Biopat vitamin and mineral test for their children for DKK 49. Care Basic members can buy Biopat vitamin and mineral tests for DKK 149.

    How to earn bonus money For every DKK 100 you buy in one of Helsemin's physical stores, you earn DKK 2 and DKK 5, respectively, depending on your type of member, which you can use on your subsequent purchases or save them up. For example, if you buy for DKK 795, it gives you DKK 39,75 in bonus kroner as a Care Plus member. You can use your bonus money on your next purchase. When you return items you have purchased, you must also remember to show your membership card via the app. Then we deduct the bonus kroner in your bonus account. Failure to disclose your membership when you return items may result in us withdrawing your bonus money and possibly unsubscribing from the Helsemin Club. All bonus money is personal and cannot be transferred to family members or other members. This also applies in the event of death. You do NOT earn bonus money when you buy over-the-counter medicine or breast milk substitutes as well as products where you earn stamps. According to the law, Helsemin must not encourage or reward the consumption of medicines.

    How to use your earned bonus money When you want to use your earned bonus money, you simply tell the clerk at the checkout that you want to use bonus money for payment. You cannot have your bonus money paid out in cash.

    Payment and collection A Care Basic membership in Helsemin Club is free and does not need renewal. A Care Plus membership in Helsemin Club costs DKK 49 per year. Money will never be deducted automatically from your account. You can either contact a Helsemin store and renew your membership or sign up via. link on sms you automatically receive before expiration. If you do not wish to renew your Care Plus membership, you will automatically be downgraded to a free Care Basic membership until you again choose to renew and upgrade to Care Plus. You do not lose your earned bonus money.

     Termination Your Care Plus membership expires automatically if you do not renew, and you then become a Care Basic member. To avoid storing your information more than absolutely necessary, your membership and information will be deleted automatically upon 2 years of inactivity. Under item 1. Membership of Helsemin Club, you can read more about renewal of membership. When your Care Plus membership expires, you automatically become a Care Basic member and therefore still earn 2% in bonus money. If you want to unsubscribe completely from Helsemin Club, it requires that you write an email to, stating your membership number and that you want to unsubscribe from Helsemin Club. You can unsubscribe from receiving emails and / or text messages at any time. Helsemin A / S may terminate at any time without notice in the event of default. There is a 14-day right of withdrawal if none of the benefits of the membership have been in use during the 14 days. You can unsubscribe from Helsemin Club at any time with immediate effect. The full amount or parts of the amount will not be returned upon withdrawal later than 14 days.

    Information By joining Helsemin Club, you accept that Helsemin Club sends you newsletters, SMSs, offers and other relevant information. Occasionally, extraordinary offers or invitations can be sent to special events in your affiliated Helsemin store. Under My profile you can correct information and choose which information you want to receive. Helsemin Club sends out an e-mail every Thursday with offers valid for the following weekend in Helsemin's physical stores. Helsemin Club only occasionally sends additional e-mails, unless you have chosen to send additional information on your online profile.

    SMS and Emails You can register and unsubscribe from text messages and e-mails in your app. You do this under My profile. Otherwise contact

    Privacy Policy The data responsible for Helsemin Club is: HELSEMIN A / S Established in 2009 CVR no.32553168

Helsemin A / S Vesterbrogade 6D, 1620 København V Telephone: +80 60 18 00

  Before we register your information, you must give your consent to the processing of personal data. In order to obtain a membership, we need the following information:

- Name

- Tel. number

- Email address

- Date of birth We register your personal data with the aim of being able to deliver the best service to you and to take advantage of all the benefits you have as a club member. The personal information is registered by Helsemin A/S and uses a few trusted data processors to process information. The director and the staff of Helsemin A/S have access to the information registered about you.

  As registered with Helsemin A / S, you have the following rights:

- The right to receive information about your personal data being processed

- The right to gain insight into what information is being processed and to obtain a copy of it

- The right to have incorrect information corrected

- Right to be forgotten - to have information deleted

- Right to data portability – to have information transferred to another supplier - Right to restriction of personal data

- The right to object to the processing

- Right to object to automatic individual decisions and profiling

- Right to withdraw given consent

- The right to complain about the processing to the Data Protection Authority

  As a member, your information will be stored until 2 years after your last activity as a club member. You will receive a notification of inactivity 1 ½ years after the last activity. If you do not respond to this, you will receive another message 5 months later and if we do not hear from you, you will receive confirmation of deletion after one month. After that, you will be completely deleted from our systems. Information is not passed on or sold to third parties. Helsemin A/S uses data processors with whom data processing agreements have been made. We point out that few of these data processors are established in a non-EU/EEA country. If you want information about who our data processors are, contact us at    

Abuse and responsibility In case of suspicion of abuse by a third party, please contact

Changes in Helsemin Club terms Helsemin A / S reserves the right to revise and change the terms of Helsemin Club's system, if there is a valid reason and / or it is in your interests. Helsemin A / S reserves the right to change or revise these terms to the extent necessary, to ensure a simple and secure administration and especially to avoid abuse. You will receive written notice of any changes in advance using the last email address provided.

Contact Us Questions regarding Helsemin Club should be sent to

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