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Your Health Food Store In Denmark
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Contact the store and hear when the next available time will take place.

We know how important your health is to you. Your health is essential for you to live a life of surplus, energy and optimal well-being. And we know that living a healthy life does not come by itself.


Health lies in the small choices we make in everyday life. But where to start when you want to live healthy? How to find your way in the jungle of dietary advice, supplements, oils, vitamins and minerals?


Helsemin's biopat quicktester here, to make it easy for you to choose the healthy life. With our quicktests, you get help finding your way to more health.


To live a healthy life, it is essential that the body is in balance. Our modern society with pollution, additives and various chemicals in our food, unfortunately, makes it difficult to be in 100% balance. Therefore, most people need a supplement of vitamins, minerals, oils and more.


Our skilled biopath can measure your imbalances in the body. The vitamin and mineral test is performed with a biotron at the acupuncture points of your hands, where the biotron measures electrical impulses, ie the energies from your organs. With the biopath test, you will find out exactly which vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements etc. your body needs. That way, you are sure that you are only taking the vitamins & minerals that work best for you. You will be given a program consisting of the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, lactic acid bacteria and dietary advice that suits you.

  • Free service for Care Plus members (3 pcs. Annually. Subsequent DKK 89)
  • The membership card is personal and therefore you can not use stamps for other family members.
  • If you as Care Basic want a test at Biopaten, a Vitamin and mineral test costs DKK 149.
    The customer can also upgrade their membership to Care Plus and thereby gain access to 3 free tests annually (upgrade costs DKK 49)
  • Children and young people under the age of 18 cannot be club members for legal reasons.
    If Care Plus members want to have their child / children tested at Biopaten, a Vitamin and Mineral test costs DKK 49 per. child.
  • If there are free times during the day, club members can be booked based on the above payment terms.
  • Cancellations must be made no later than 12 the day before.
  • In case of non-attendance, 75 bonus kroner will be deducted from the customer's bonus account in the app.
  • Come 10 minutes before the test starts, as you must register at the checkout.
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