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Your Health Food Store In Denmark
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About us


About Helsemin

Welcome, we are happy to have you visit.

With us you will find all kinds of health food products for you and your health. Both your inner and outer. We have approx. 3.500 health products in the highest quality in our stores and online. All the products we have carefully selected and tested for you, which makes it easy to live a healthy and natural lifestyle. Helsemin is a Danish health food company that has existed for more than 25 years, where we have since advised and guided thousands of Danes to a healthier and more sustainable life, with the best products on the market. We are experts in health and natural lifestyle, and we guide you to a healthier everyday life. - It must be easy to be healthy and live a green lifestyle.
When you shop with us, you get:

  • Great security - we take your safety seriously.
  • We are Denmark's oldest health business chain with extensive expert knowledge and experience
  • High quality health products - we guarantee 100% of the many products you can choose from.
  • You also get good service and help from clerks with high knowledge of products and health.


Your best health store online

.... and in physical stores. We have a total of 16 stores around the country, which makes it easy for you to shop with us, both physically and online. You deserve the best for your health and it can be hard to choose. That's why we do everything we can to inspire you on our blog and social media.
Read more about Helsemin's natural standard HERE.
In addition, we are always happy to hear from you.


Do you have questions?

Rice, praise or questions - no matter what - then you can contact Helsemin's Customer Service HERE
If you are looking for one of our health food stores, find them HERE.

Our skilled customer service team is ready to answer and help with any questions about products or your order. Contact us by e-mail or chat via the website. 

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