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Your Health Food Store In Denmark
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The History of Health

The History of Health

We are Denmark's oldest chain of health stores, which over the years have guided and inspired thousands of Danes to a healthier, natural and sustainable everyday life.

We have everything you need to live a natural and healthy life in a modern everyday life.

The first Helsemin store opened in Copenhagen's City Arcade in 1993 by Mr. & Mrs. Hedegaard, who both had a great interest in nature and health.

Not many years later, another Helsemin store opened and over the years, Mr. & Mrs. Hedegaard opened five Helsemin stores in Denmark. To ensure the future development of Helsemin, Swedish Adelphos will take over the Helsemin chain in 2010 and expand the business.

2013 will be the year with the largest market expansion to date with the opening of Helsemin on St.Kongensgade, Rødovre Centrum, Lyngby Storcenter and Kolding Storcenter.
Helsemin currently consists of 18 stores geographically distributed in Denmark. Helsemin wants to be Scandinavia's leading Health Food business, which sets the trend of a healthy lifestyle and personal development for everyone who wants the best in life, both for themselves and nature.

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